Q: What about sharing video?

We permit people to share high-quality screenshots / photo stills of videos and to
upload them via the web. By doing so you are giving journalists the right to use those screenshots for free.
This enables you to retain full rights of the video and it’s your choice if you wish to promote that the
original video is for sale or not. Alternatively, you can share screenshots and also upload your video to
your own video provider and require media outlets ‘link attribution’ to where your video is hosted online.

Q: What is ‘breakingnewsphotos.com’?

We are using our domain breakingnewsphotos.com to support sharing photos that are urgent or of sensitive nature.
After we progress with our social project in Dublin we will be working on the technology to enable communities
outside of Ireland to use our platform to share
breaking news photos from where ever they are. Photos shared via breakingnewsphotos will only be accessible
by trusted journalists in major newsrooms – photos will be still free to download and use.

Q: What photos can I share?

Any photo that you own and you think is noteworthy or newsworthy you can share. This can be business oriented,
community focused, local activism, weather changes, road incidents, personal success stories.
It can be ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ news and in any topic, you are free to include your own written pieces to accompany
your photos and give as much background as you think needed.
Our aim is to build and organise the photos and match them to the journalist and bloggers so that they can
use your photos and write on that topic.

Q: What about photo copyright?

In the majority of the cases the copyright of a photograph belongs to the person that took the photo.
People sharing photos via Newslinn agree to allow journalists and bloggers use their photographs for
editorial purposes only.
So people sharing photos directly from their smartphone are the owners of the copyright of photos
they took.
One of the key aspects of our UGC technology focuses on fraud prevention and filters out photos and
users that don’t match the fingerprint of a photo shared via smartphone, we also check for common copyright
metadata and validate if the image has been edited amongst other things.

Q: I want to sell my Photos / do you sell Photos?

In short we don’t sell photos. We focus on the communication aspect of sharing
news photos and building the technology to validate and verify photos in real-time.
Our service is more for activists, community advocates, entrepreneurs and local communities
to report on what’s happening in an easy and accessible way.
That being said, there are already some great
sites setup to be marketplaces and middlemen for selling photos to newsrooms and media.
I suggest checking out PicFair.
We also don’t sell the photos in any way – as this would prevent some journalists and bloggers
from being able to write about the story taking place and makes the news less accessible.

Q: I’m a freelance journalist, can I join?

Membership is open to any type of professional journalist, writer or blogger and both online or offline writers. You will be able to download the photos that people have shared ‘openly’.

We are working on expanding this so personal bloggers that write about a particular topic can also join to access news photos on that topic for free.

Only¬†journalists in major newsrooms will have access to photos shared via ‘breakingnewsphotos.com’ (contact us to request access).