Supporting Protests, Activists and Local Citizens

First off – what is Newslinn?

Newslinn is a really easy way for someone to take a photo with their phone and share it with multiple journalists in Dublin by using a simple email. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the bones of it (what newslinn doesour short history, validation technology).

So how do you ‘support’ protesters exactly?

We’ve made this completely free for anyone that’s part of a protest or that wants to share news photos of events happening in their community. The tools we’re building allow you to see which newsrooms are viewing your photos and why they are using them. There are no smartphone apps to download and no social network profile requirements – so you can share photos without first having to make them public on a social network – this means you can share protest photos directly with journalists to support the protesters even if you’re not directly involved in the cause.

How can I use it?

Using your smartphone, take a photo and email it to dublin@newslinn.com

Include any information you want in the subject line and body of the email (the more information the better).

Behind the scenes your photo and email address will get validated automatically and then be presented in our Photo Stream for journalists to see and use immediately. By sharing photos using Newslinn you are agreeing to let journalists download, use and write about your photo.

Send a Test Photo

You can see how things work by sending a test photo. This photo will appear in the Newslinn Photo Stream ‘test’ area that journalists can access (yes, journalists will see your test photo).

1. Using your smartphone, take a photo
(most people just take a photo from out the window or a pet etc.)

2. Email it to dublin@newslinn.com using the normal email app on your phone

3. Subject line can be ‘test’

4. Body of the email can be ‘test’

After a few minutes you will get an automatic email reply that will guide you through the Newslinn validation system and you’ll be able to see how things are working. Later on, you’ll be able to login and see who viewed your photos and what’s happening with them.

Which journalists are using you?

We have about 45+ Dublin based journalists as part of our early-access program see our LinkedIn Early Access Group, they are from a range of newspapers including The Irish Times, Irish Independent and many freelance journalists; and the list is steadily growing.

Do you sell my photos? Do you make money from my photos?

We don’t sell photos. Our mission is to build a free and open platform that facilitates trusted communication with journalists using photos – enabling local communities to report and share what’s happening with journalists in their city.

If you do want to sell photos you should read our blog post on how to sell photos.