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Sell your Videos to Newspapers

…without giving away any commission!

At the heart of Newslinn’s mission is to build the technology to facilitate trusted news communication using photos. Because of that, we don’t stand in the way of people wanting to sell video.

This is a bit counter-intuitive – especially if you compare Newslinn to existing video footage ‘marketplaces’ – whereby you submit your video and they try to sell it to the media. Giving you a percentage from the cut of what they take in (some of them say it’s 50:50 split, but most cover their ‘costs of business’ before splitting comission, so it’s more like 70:30).

Our business model is very different.

What this means – is that as long as you are willing to share screenshots of your video – ie. share photos – for use by journalists and bloggers then what you decide to do with the original video is up to you.

What does this really mean?

Providing that you are happy to upload screenshots of your video for use by journalists – you can stipulate that you are also selling the original video within the description of the material you are uploading. This means that you deal with the media agencies on your own terms.

Alternatively you can upload your video to YouTube, and you share video screenshots with us – but you stipulate that you want ‘link attribution’ – which means if a journalist or blogger wishes to use your photos, they are required to link to the original video.

This works best of course when you use a short URL service that links to your YouTube hosted video.