Quick History of Newslinn

Newslinn initially started in October 2014 when we began researching the idea – it started with the technology for photo validation – and grew into the vision of making a trusted open crowd-reporting platform for local communities and journalists.

Our research lead us to applying machine learning concepts into UGC (User Generated Content) photo-validation and this lead us to our first patent.

After surveying and talking to over 130+ journalists in Ireland we set about creating our initial prototype based on their thoughts, feedback and patience.

We tested a live prototype in early January 2015 – under the name of ‘On The Spot Photos’.

Since then we have grown from a research project into a ‘social’ research project and we’re beginning the next part of the research in partnership with one of Enterprise Ireland’s registered knowledge providers (news about this later).

Over the coming months we’ll be working to further develop our technology with an aim to launch a startup in early 2016.


  • Started customer development in October 2014
  • Started initial technical research in December 2014
  • Attended DublinBeta in December 2014
  • Launched first prototype in January 2015
  • Got early stage users in February 2015
  • Began work on version 0.1 in March 2015
  • Filed first patent in June 2015
  • Incorporated in June 2015
  • Launched early version 0.1 in August 2015
  • Started early beta trials in September 2015