Newslinn Social Project

To answer a common question, Newslinn as of September 2015, is a social project. What this means is that we’ve gone past our ‘research phase’ and we’ve actually built something! A lot of people played a role to make Newslinn what is now – this was based on talking to many journalists, surveying writers and photographers and face-to-face meetings with a handful of editor.

So it means we’re onto the next phase of our research – which is to do with applying and learning what our technology can do and what value it brings to those using it – the next 3 months will be very important for us. It will define where we go and how we are going to get there – and hopefully identify the community of people that will join us and benefit from Newslinn.

Our ultimate aim is to become a start-up – we’re not there yet as there is more experimenting to be done and more learning to do.