Dropbox + Twitter = Newslinn Profile

We have made available a new feature for journalists that are part of our LinkedIn Early Access Group

Dropbox + Twitter = Newslinn Profile

It enables a journalist to receive photos from anyone directly into their own organised photo library – without having to expose their direct email address, manage FTP details, create shared google doc/dropbox etc.

Users still go through two factor mobile authentication (if they haven’t already) – and photos are validated in real-time – however we don’t restrict photos as much when they are shared directly with a journalist (our rule engine becomes much more like a spam filter).

The Newslinn Profile allows for better photo classification, photo captioning and tagging people that are in the photos – because of which there are more steps involved to make this happen – contrast that to the Newslinn ‘city’ email address where sharing photos is immediate and easily accessible.

Example Newslinn Profile

You can see an example profile here – Newslinn Profiles are Sync’d with your Twitter profile so that there is consistency


Short URL Example:

Next Steps

There is still some fine-tuning, testing and more features to add onto our Newslinn Profile.



Newslinn Profile

photo search

Newslinn Photo Dashboard “Journalist Inbox”


Photo Meta Data as part of ‘Photo Page’


GPS and mapping data as part of ‘Photo Page’