About Newslinn

Newslinn is an ‘open crowd reporting platform for local communities and journalists’, it started in 2014 as a research project in UGC to validate photos in real-time – has ended up being a key part in the solution for local communities to easily share news. We are now starting a social project in Dublin to improve the technology and bring value to journalists, bloggers and local communities.

What this means is that if you can send a photo by email – you can now share local news with multiple journalists in real-time – bring more awareness to what’s important to you and what’s happening around your community. Photos are stored online in our proprietary real-time photo search engine that is accessible by trusted journalists and bloggers for free.
There are no smartphone apps to download and no social networks to join – you control who can access your photos and get feedback when they get downloaded.


Newslinn is a research project that is growing into a social project – the outcome of which will lead into a community based social startup.

Our focus is on the technology that enables people to share news photos in a trusted way that removes some of the headaches journalists and bloggers face when it comes to validating and verifying photos of news.

We exist to make sure anyone with a newsworthy photo can get their story told and can communicate directly with right journalist that wants to write about their story.

Our long term vision is to scale user verification and photo validation so that anyone in the World can simply take a photo and share it with journalists Worldwide.

Our technology uses two-factor user authentication, proprietary UGC photo validation and our real-time photo search engine technology.

We’re 100% free for any journalist so we don’t block communication of important events by charging for Photos.